PRMIA PRM 8009 Training Questions

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PRMIA PRM 8009 training questions have been cracked for you to study this PRM certification exam well. PRMIA’s PRM Designation is a series of evaluation exams, designed for the development of professional risk managers. Built by a broad coalition of industry leaders to reflect the mission objectives of the association and to establish the leading form of education, validation and certification in the Risk Management profession. The official PRMIA PRM 8009 exam information is helpful in the exam preparation.



PRMIA PRM 8009 Exam

Exam IV: Case Studies: Standards: Governance, Best Practices and Ethics-2015 Edition 8009 exam is one of related tests for PRM certification exams. 
Number of questions: 60
Duration: 3 hours
Language: English
Note: candidates have 2 years to pass all the required exams of PRM certification.

PRM 8009 Exam Topics

PRM 8009 exam topics cover the following details. 

Case Studies 63%

NAB-FX Options
Bankers Trust
Orange County
World Com
Northern Rock
Taisei Fire and Marine Insurance
Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac
China Oil
Washington Mutual

Standards: Governance, Best Practices, Ethics 37%

PRMIA Bylaws
PRMIA Governance Principles
PRMIA Standards of Best Practice, Conduct and Ethics
Group of Thirty Derivatives Best Practices

Study PRMIA PRM 8009 Training Questions

PRMIA PRM 8009 training questions can help you test all the above topics. Share Exam IV: Case Studies: Standards: Governance, Best Practices and Ethics-2015 Edition 8009 training questions and answers below. 
1. The financial intermediary services provided by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were designed to
A. Compete directly with banks in selling mortgaged to would-be home owners
B. Repackage mortgage loans made by banks and sell them on to investors as asset backed securities
C. Buy mortgage-backed loans for banks and keep them all on their books, using them as collateral for the US government to borrow
D. Offer loans directly to the consumer
Answer: B

2.In the case of National Australia Bank, which of the following was present?
A. The Board received risk management information that was incorrect, incomplete or insufficiently detailed
B. Neither A nor B
C. A window of time between close of day for reporting purposes and back office checking that allowed traders to hide losses using fictitious trades
D. Both A and B
Answer: D

3. The Chair of the PRMIA Board of Directors may hold the following offices:
A. Chair only
B. Parliamentarian
C. Vice Chair
D. Secretary
Answer: A

4.With a PRMIA member's need to reconcile their internal and external responsibility to perform their work in an independent and appropriate fiduciary manner, which of the following options must be taken into consideration when performing risk management duties?
A. Only the internal controls and compliance standards
B. Internal controls, and the expectations of stakeholders, shareholders, and the general public
C. Internal controls of the organization, and the local regulator
D. The local regulator, internal controls, and shareholders
Answer: B

5.Which of the following best characterizes the problems that developed at Bankgesellschaft Berlin?
A. Banking is a "for-profit" business, not a means of fulfilling political goals.
B. Volume growth at the expense of margin.
C. A company culture where profits may justify "excesses."
D. Excessive reliance on volatile trading income.
Answer: A
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