Riverbed RCPE-CP-WO 830-01 Training Questions

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RCPE Certified Professional WAN Optimization 830-01 training questions are available, which are the best material for you to prepare for this Riverbed RCPE-CP-WO 830-01 exam. There are 75 Q&As in the new released Riverbed certification 830-01 training questions, which can help you test all the related topics. Riverbed enables you take advantage of long term and successful performance management strategies that solve the challenges of the modern day enterprise.


Riverbed RCPE-CP-WO 830-01 Training Questions


WAN Optimization Related Track


The WAN Optimization track is part of the Riverbed Certified Performance Engineering (RCPE) program.

Riverbed framework


Study Riverbed RCPE-CP-WO 830-01 Training Questions

With Riverbed RCPE-CP-WO 830-01 training questions, you can pass the test in a short time. Share some RCPE Certified Professional WAN Optimization 830-01 training questions and answers below. 

1.Which diagnostic tool contains a copy of the historical statistics, logs, and configuration data on the system?
A. Traffic Summary
B. Process Dump
C. System Logs
D. System Dump
Answer: D

2.The maximum TCP option field size is __________ bytes.
A. 64
B. 32
C. 60
D. 40
Answer: B

3.In which of the following Transparency Modes do the Client and Server retain their own IP addressing across the WAN?
A. Correct Addressing
B. Port Transparency
C. Full Transparency
D. All of the above
Answer: C

4.What is the benefit of configuring Datastore Sync between SteelHeads?
A. It allows up to four SteelHeads in a cluster access to the same datastore
B. It gives high availability to the warm data patterns in exactly two SteelHeads
C. It allows for seamless transition when upgrading to a larger SteelHead
D. It allows for seamless transition from a physical to a virtual SteelHead
E. It allows more efficient use of references by synchronizing them end-to-end between branch and datacenter
Answer: E

5.Which of these are true statements?
A. Transparency is a global setting affecting all in-path interfaces
B. Transparency for SSOOP can only be achieved using the CLI and not the GUI
C. Port Transparency utilizes the connection pooling function, but Full Transparency cannot
D. Addressing is transparent to the client and server using in-path deployments, but not when using SSOOP
E. Transparency is a setting only relevant to cloud deployments
Answer: E
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