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Helping you file Holocaust Reparation claims
Holocaust Survivors

Survivors of Nazi atrocities are entitled to compensation in the form of one-time payments and/or pensions. Those who were in concentration camps, were forced into ghettos or were living in hiding with false identities are eligible. There is a variety of compensation programs, and even those who have already received some form of reparations may qualify for additional funds.

Widow(ers) and Heirs

If your parent or spouse is deceased and was a victim of Nazi persecution, you may qualify for a pension and/or a one-time lump sum payment. Even if your loved one passed away many years ago, you may be entitled to benefits. Regardless of whether you are currently receiving funds, there could be additional amounts you can claim. Find out more here.

Rejected Claims

If you tried to file a claim for reparations in the past and the claim was rejected, it is important to inquire about another attempt. There are a number of survivors and family members who have had their cases mishandled in the past. We can help to ensure you receive the maximum entitlement. In addition, some laws have recently changed, so it is imperative to act now.

NEW! Polish Benefits

Polish-born victims of Nazi or Soviet persecution born in Poland are now eligible for new benefits including those who were deported to or born in Siberia. Those who are already receiving reparations for Holocaust survivors may claim additional money from the Polish government.

Social Workers/Caretakers

If you work in an assisted care facility or as a social worker providing services to Holocaust survivors, information about reparations is important for you and the people you serve. Those whose claims were not accepted or who have not yet applied for additional compensation under new regulations may be missing out. Every month that passes, these survivors lose out on essential funds. Find out more about how you can help these survivors and their families.

First-Time Claims

It is not too late for those who suffered Nazi atrocities to receive reparations. Those applying for the first time may be given funds retroactively and receive a pension. With the right legal services, the process can be completed efficiently and quickly. Holocaust survivors’ claims can be claimed even if previous applications were rejections. Find out how to apply.

Compassion and Integrity

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For years Brian Kramer and his team have helped hundreds of Holocaust survivors and their families obtain benefits. Based in Boca Raton, Florida but servicing clients worldwide, we get you the maximum benefits with compassion and integrity.


What Others Are Saying About The Law Offices Of Brian Kramer

Brian was very efficient at procuring the pensions and proved himself to be an honest and reliable advocate.

Mr. Henry R - From Lodz, Poland Obtained Polish and German Pensions

Due to certain visa complications and my delay in making my claims, many lawyers and agencies were unable to provide me with any pensions or reparations. Brian was the only one who successfully petitioned on my behalf.

Mrs. Sara K - From Moiszin, Romania Obtained German Funding

During the 1960's my father was unfortunately taken advantage of by an unscrupulous individual who made the application on his behalf. For many years that followed, we were unsuccessful in retrieving any of the funds.  All of that changed when we met Mr. Kramer. He didn't stop until my mother (who was from Transnistria) was receiving both the pensions and reparations that she was entitled to on her own as well as those that my late father had been entitled to. I fully endorse and recommend the firm.

Mr. Shlomo F Child of Survivor

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